Slovakia: General information

Official name: Slovak Republic

State formation date: 1.1.1993

State system: republic

Political system: parliamentary democracy

Constitutional and legislative power: National Council of the SR (150 members of Parliament elected for 4 years)

Executive power: President of the SR (elected for 5 years) and government of the SR

Judiciary power: Constitutional court a courts

President: Ivan Gašparovič (since 2004)       (List of Presidents of Slovakia)

Prime Minister: Iveta Radičová (since 2010)       (List of Prime Ministers of Slovakia)

State symbols: state symbol, state flag, state seal, national anthem

Slovakia state symbol   Slovakia state flag   Slovakia state seal

Official language: Slovak

Currency: Euro, 1 € = 100 cents

Capital city: Bratislava (population 428 672)

Territorial division: 8 Higher-Tier Territorial Units

* Bratislava
* Trnava
* Nitra
* Trenčín
* Žilina
* Banská Bystrica
* Prešov
* Košice

Neighbouring countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria

Area: 49 035 km2

Population: 5 379 455 (51.4% women)

Population density: 109/km2

Ethnicity of the population: Slovak (85.8%), Hungarian (9.7%), Romany (1.7%), Czech (0.8%), Rusyn, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Polish and others (2%)

Population by religion: believers (84.1%) of which
Roman Catholic (68.9%), Evangelical (6.9%), Greek Catholic (4.1%), Reform Christian (2%), undetermined (2.2%), atheist (13.7%)

Membership of international organisations: EU, NATO UN, UNESCO, OECD, OBSE, CERN, WHO, INTERPOL.

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