Slovaks Will Have To Declare Traveling Abroad For More Than 90 Days

According to the amendment to the Act on Reporting Citizens Residencies approved by Slovak Parliament on May 16, all Slovak citizens and foreign citizens resident in Slovakia will be obliged to declare to the state authorities prior to their departure any absence longer than 90 days. Anyone who fails to notify the authorities will be guilty of an offense and may face a penalty. The amendment will enter into force on July 1, 2013.

Transparency International: Police, Judiciary and President belong to the weakest Institutions in the fight against corruption

While Slovakia has a standard legal framework to support integrity, implementation is lacking. The Police Force, Judiciary, President, and Public Procurement Office have scored the lowest and are thus considered to be the weakest institutions in Slovakia.

Danger Explosive Transported to Ireland After Failed Security Test in Slovakia

During the live security tests, Slovak authorities planted eight plastic explosives, in the luggage of unsuspecting passengers. Seven items were detected by airport security, but the eighth one was lost and unwittingly transported to Dublin.
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