New Electronic Toll System Started in Slovakia

Slovakia - The Slovak Republic changes the system of charging the road infrastructure from highway stickers to the electronic toll collection system. The new electronic tolling system put into operation at midnight on 1st January 2010.

The change applies to motor vehicles with the total weight over 3.5 tons, vehicle trains with the total weight over 3.5 tons determined for the transportation of goods, motor vehicles enabling the transportation of more than nine persons including a driver. New charges apply to specified sections of highways, expressways and the 1st class roads.

The new tolling system does not touch vehicles up to 3,5 tons. As usually, all motor vehicles up to 3,5 tons driving on paid roads in Slovakia have to bear a highway vignette. Vignettes in the Slovak Republic are available on border crossings, at selected petrol stations and some of Post offices.

All motor vehicles subjects to the new toll payment liability must be equippped with a special on-board unit. Registration into the new electronic tolling system is mandatory. The liability of registration applies to the owners and operators of motor vehicles.

The operator of road tolling system SkyToll a.s. has opened new contact centres throughout Slovakia, including certain petrol stations and all border crossings.

(Slovakia Today)

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